I know that things have been pretty quiet on the Website, and I do apologize about that. I have been fairly busy as of late with work, spending time with friends, and working on my photography hobby. However, with Planned PTO coming up for the week of November 1, 2015 – November 7, 2015, I hope to be able to work on several projects for the Website that I have been neglecting lately.

During the weekend of October 23, 2015 – October 25, 2015, I attended Wizard World Comic Con Tulsa 2015 at the Cox Business Center, and there was so much to do over the weekend. There were celebrities and industry guests that attended over the weekend (such as Norman Reedus, the Undertaker, Bruce Campbell, Charles Martinet, Kevin Conroy, and so many more), there were official Wizard World Comic Con Tulsa 2015 events to do each night after the convention ended each day, the cosplay contest, and so many additional things that occurred during the fun packed weekend. Wizard World certainly did not disappoint Oklahoma when they returned, and I am thankful that the Wizard World Comic Con tour made a return visit to the Sooner State.

It will be a while before I upload all of the pictures from the weekend to Christopher Eastman.com (largely due to the fact that I took over 1,000 pictures throughout the weekend), but if you are a regular visitor to my Facebook page, you can check all of the pictures in the albums I posted there.

Also, if you are interested in an un-watermarked copy of my pictures, please feel free to send me an E-Mail through my Contact Me form, and I will send you the .jpg file as soon as possible.

All and all, I would like to thank everyone so much for such an amazing weekend, and you better believe that I will be returning for Wizard World Comic Con Tulsa 2016.

See You Space Cowboy…