Video Gallery

One of the major features of my Website are the videos I have created over the years. These videos range from anime conventions slideshows, random silly videos, video and computer Let’s Plays, and much more. The video gallery is always updated with the newest videos that I produce, so keep checking back for exciting and entertaining videos.

This playlist consists of all of the random videos that I have made over the years. These short Destroyer X Productions Quickies will usually have a topic of some sort, but there are times in which I just do something very silly.

This playlist will contain videos that are officially a part of The Destroyer X Productions Video Tag Series.

This will contain all of the questions I’ll ask to people and the answers to questions that either people ask me or that I answer from some random person on YouTube.

I’m new to video tagging, so I hope to learn more about it at some point.

This is the newest series of videos that I started in the summer of 2012. For those that are unaware, Let’s Plays are when someone records themselves playing either a computer or a video game and adds commentary in the post production process.

The vast majority of the time, the commentary will consist of a walkthrough of a particular game, but at times, a Let’s Player would often talk about their memories of a game and give a review of a game when they have reached the end of the game that they were playing. Other times, a Let’s Player may do some humorous things throughout the video to keep the viewer entertained.