Note: This is mostly going to be a copy and paste from, but I figured I would go ahead and post it here as well. The rest of the text is below.

In all honesty, I’m fairly certain that no one is visiting this Website anymore since I haven’t made any progress towards getting the Website relaunched, but for those that do, it’s time to make the announcement that I really hoped I didn’t have to make.

The Destroyer X Network will not be returning.

These days, I have not made any progress towards relaunching the Website, and considering that there are so many Websites on the World Wide Web that have been up for over a decade, even if I was to get it relaunched, I will not be able to create enough content to have a Website that people want to visit for cartoons and gaming.

Not only that, we are still in the eighth generation of video game console gaming, and I am incredibly far behind to making a Website dedicated to it. I cannot even begin to imagine how far behind I am with cartoons, but I still don’t even have a plan on how I would want to design a relaunched Destroyer X Network.

As far as gaming goes, the spiritual successors to the Destroyer X Network at this point happen to be Christopher, my YouTube channel, and my Twitch channel.

Destroyer X Productions will continue on since it’s my business Website related to Web Design and Web Hosting solutions.

I’ll likely be importing any gaming, cartoon, and anime reviews to Christopher and doing some minor updates to them, but I don’t see myself importing the rest of the content at this time. However, I’ll be retaining them on my computer in case I find things I want to import.

I will be retaining the domain name for now, but on January 1, 2018, it will officially redirect to my YouTube channel.

To those that have followed me all these years from Destroyer X’s Cartoon and Video Game Information Home Page to the years when the Destroyer X Network was active, thank you all so much for your support all these years. Although the Destroyer X Network will not be returning, Destroyer X will continue to be around the Internet for many years to come.

Christopher “Destroyer X” Eastman