Since I finally have some free time on my hands, I believe it is time for us to wrap up the drawing phase of The Great Anniversary Contest and do the redrawing of the Nintendo 2DS XL.

If you’re on YouTube at 5:30 P.M. CST, I will see you all there.

May the odds forever be in your favor!

Entrant Number 20 lived close enough to my location to where I could deliver the Nintendo 3DS XL to him/her in person. However, Entrant Number 23 did not respond to my E-Mail in time to claim his/her prize and confirm his/her address, so he/she has forfeited the Second Place Prize.

However, that means for the remaining contestants, you still have a shot of winning the Nintendo 2DS. I’ll be doing another YouTube pretty soon to choose another winner via random number generator, so keep checking back at Christopher, the Facebook fan-page, and my Twitter page.

At 11:53 P.M. on November 7, 2014, I E-Mailed Entrant Number 20 that he/she had won the Grand Prize of the Nintendo 3DS XL, and he/she responded to my E-Mail at 5:04 P.M. on November 8, 2014. I will notify him/her that the prize has been shipped, and I will provide him/her with the U.S. Postal Service Tracking Number so he/she knows when to expect the Nintendo 3DS XL.

I am still waiting on Entrant Number 23 to respond to his/her E-Mail that he/she has won the Nintendo 2DS. Just a friendly reminder, Entrant Number 23 has until 11:59 P.M. CST to claim the Nintendo 2DS. If he/she does not claim the prize by then, I will be drawing a new number for the Nintendo 2DS.

I know that I have been incredibly slow to update the Website lately regarding a lot of things that have been going on with my life lately, but I am working on having a massive update to the Website soon regarding pictures that I have taken lately. My hope is that I’ll have all of those pictures uploaded before of the month. Now that I am starting to use Adobe Camera RAW regarding my pictures, I am hoping that will make batch editing much easier. In turn, that should greatly increase the speed of uploading pictures to the Website.

Finally, I intend on giving everyone some major updates regarding things that have been going on lately. My intention is to have this done by the end of the week, but we shall see.

Adulthood can be an incredibly busy life.

Tonight was the drawing for The Great Anniversary Contest, and while I wish I could give prizes to everyone that entered, there would be no way I would be able to afford that. However, the winners of the contest and the prizes that they won are below:

  • Entrant Number 20: Nintendo 3DS XL (Grand Prize)
  • Entrant Number 23: Nintendo 2DS XL (Second Place Prize)

The winners have been contacted and will have until 11:59 P.M. CST on November 14, 2014 to claim their prizes. If they do not claim their prizes by that time, I will be drawing other numbers for the contest.

All and all, I would like to thank everyone so much for making this contest such a success. This contest would never have happened without you, and I truly appreciate the support everyone has given me throughout the years.

Oh, how I have been so busy lately!

So many exciting things have been happening lately that I am not going to post about them all in this entry. This entry is reserved for The Great Anniversary Contest Drawing.

At 11:00 P.M. CST on Friday, November 7, 2014, I will be doing the drawing live on my YouTube channel. I know that I am doing the drawing a week after the contest ended, but I literally had a lot of exciting things going on lately that happened so fast, I have had to pretty much schedule a lot of things around them.

Have no fear though, the drawing will be taking place this Friday. You do not need to be watching me on YouTube to win the prizes, and if I draw your numbers, I will contact the winners via E-Mail to let them know how to claim their prizes.

Just to let everyone know, to give everyone a fair shot at the Nintendo 3DS XL (the Grand Prize), I will be doing the drawing for that first. After that drawing has concluded, I will be doing the drawing for the Nintendo 2DS (the Second Place Prize).

Anyway, I cannot wait to do this drawing, and I will see everyone this Friday.

Just to let everyone know, if you click “Play” on the video, it will just do a countdown until I go live with the contest drawing broadcast.

Thinking about it now (and I should have made a new video to reflect this from when I announced the contest), since the Nintendo 3DS XL is the Grand Prize and to give all 106 valid entries a chance to win it, the first drawing will be the Grand Prize drawing for the Nintendo 3DS XL.

The second drawing will be the Second Place drawing for the Nintendo 2DS.

Therefore, the odds of winning the Nintendo 3DS XL will be 1 out of 106.

The odds of winning the Nintendo 2DS will be 1 out of 105.

All of this assumes that the winners claim their prizes right away.

Therefore, it’s very important that if you are one of the winners of one of the prizes to respond to the E-Mail that I will send you immediately because you will only be given a week to respond before I choose another winner.

Anyway, I’m glad that I was able to clarify that.

I’ll let everyone know when I plan on doing the drawings for the prizes. I would like to try to shoot to do it this weekend, but it depends upon if I’ll have time to do it.

Hey there everyone!

It is almost 12:30 A.M. CDT, and the entry phase of The Great Anniversary Contest has now concluded. Overall, I have received 106 valid entries into the contest. For those that have entered the contest, spread the word about the contest, or checked out Christopher, thank you all so much for your support.

Now that all the entrants have been assigned a number, the next phase will be the drawing. I should be doing the drawing within the next few days, so make sure you keep checking Christopher, my Twitter page, and my Facebook fan-page for when I will announce the drawing.

May the odds forever be in your favor!

For those that are 13 years of age and older and haven’t entered The Great Anniversary Contest, after 11:59 P.M. CDT on October 31, 2014, I will not be accepting any more entries for the contest. Currently, I have 104 entries for the contest, but it would be amazing to increase that amount before the end of the day.

I plan on doing the drawing live on my YouTube channel within a few days after getting all the entrants numbered (as of this post, they have all been numbered from the first entrant to the 104th entrant), so make sure you keep checking Christopher, my Twitter page, and my Facebook fan-page for when I will announce the drawing.

Thank you all so much for your support in this contest.

May the odds forever be in your favor!

If you haven’t had a chance to enter The Great Anniversary Contest, you’re running out of time. Entries will not be accepted past 11:59 P.M. CDT on October 31, 2014.

If you don’t know what the prizes are, they are listed below:

  • Grand Prize: a Nintendo 3DS XL
  • Second Place Prize: a Nintendo 2DS

May the odds forever be in your favor!

I completely forgot to post this on Friday, but my newest Destroyer X Productions Quickie was posted, and it’s another Follow Friday video.

This week, I featured 10 individuals in the video, and I definitely think you should check them out.

Also, if you would like to be featured on Follow Friday or know of someone that deserves to be followed, shoot me an E-Mail on the Contact Me form. However, I won’t feature individuals that post adult content or anything greater than PG/E10+.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the video.

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