Ladies and gentlemen, I finally have a list of most of the video games and all of the computer games that I own on my Website. For those that are interested, My Computer and Video Game List lists all of the computer games that I have purchased or downloaded that are free-to-play and all of the video games that have been released from the Sega Dreamcast to the Sony PlayStation 3 (all of the video game systems that preceded the Sega Dreamcast were not included at this time).

For those that are interested in seeing me do a Let’s Play or Live Stream from that list, feel free to let me know by sending me an E-Mail from the Contact Me form.

Obviously, I have no plans to do a Let’s Play over the games that I have already Let’s Played unless a new version is released with additional content (even so, I’ll probably just make an Extra Video to that Let’s Play). However, as far as Live Streams are concerned, that entire list is fair game.

Game on!

See You Space Cowboy…