I’m still behind when it comes to uploading pictures to the Website. On Halloween, I took some pictures at a Halloween party at The Max Retropub, so I’ll need to get those uploaded to the Website at some point.

All and all, I have a lot of pictures to upload.

In the meantime, I’ve recently added a list of anime that to the Writings section of my Website. Granted, the list is not technically classified as a writing, but I couldn’t think of anywhere else to put it. Anyway, the list is nowhere near complete, but it does contain a list of anime that I’ve started watching, and a list of anime that I’ve managed to finish watching. The list will be updated on occasion as I discover new anime to watch on Netflix, at anime conventions, or other avenues.

Hopefully, by my next Website update, I’ll have more pictures uploaded, and I’ll have some new Let’s Plays uploaded to YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube…

Writings: My Anime List