Happy New Year everyone!

2013 is behind us, and we are forging ahead for 2014.

Hopefully, everyone had a great New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. On New Year’s Eve, I did attend a party, but since I attended the party alone and didn’t know many people, I was quite bored. New Year’s Day was pretty uneventful because I mostly relaxed at home. All and all, it wasn’t the worst New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day that I’ve had, but it wasn’t the best one in recent history either.

Additionally, today marks the six month anniversary of Christopher Eastman.com. It’s quite amazing that my personal Website has been up for six months, and 2014 is going to bring some more exciting things to the Website. I’m still doing my Let’s Plays on YouTube, I’m still doing my streams on Twitch, and I have a few additional things planned for 2014 as well.

Speaking of which…