Thursday, August 8, 2013 was my last day of employment with Target Corp. Working as a Backroom Team Member, one needs to be able to do CAF Pulls (systematic pulls from the Backroom to fill outs or lows on the Sales Floor) in a timely manner (under 45 minutes) so that overstocked merchandise can be binned appropriately. Unfortunately, I was not very quick at accomplishing this task, and as a result, the Backroom Score Card suffered during my time at Target. With the Store Team Lead, my Logistics Team Lead (I do not know his exact title), and my Backroom Team Lead getting in trouble from upper management for the poor performance in the Backroom and a rumor floating around that I was going to be replaced, I went ahead and turned in my resignation notice in late July.

However, I did not turn in my resignation notice after securing new employment beforehand, so for the last few days in July, I was scrambling to try and gain new employment elsewhere. Among the companies I applied for were the three Best Buy stores in Tulsa, Oklahoma. On August 1, 2013, I managed to get an interview with Best Buy for two different positions: Best Buy Mobile Sales Consultant and Best Buy Sales Consultant – Computing and Tablets. During my interview for those positions, it ended up shifting to whether or not I wanted to work for Geek Squad in one of the two positions available (mostly because the person who interviewed me knew of my IT-related background from college). I ended up being interviewed by a supervisor at Geek Squad for one of the two Geek Squad positions: Geek Squad Consultation Agent and Geek Squad Customer Service Agent. The interview went very well, and on August 14, I received a phone call for a third interview to take place on August 15.

While I thought the third interview went very well, the only part of it that I felt went wrong was when he asked me how much I expected to make per hour. Considering that I didn’t want to ask for too much since I was going to be new, I said I would be willing to work for minimum wage or whatever the starting base pay was for Best Buy. The interviewer was surprised that I would ask for that due to the fact that I had a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems, but I explained to him that since I would be new, I shouldn’t expect to earn too much. Plus, I also told him that if I asked for too much, it would be highly unlikely that I would be hired.

Anyway, after the interview concluded, I was told that I would hear from them by either phone or E-Mail either on August 16 or August 17. After waiting at home all day for either form of communication on August 16, I was worried that I would not get any of the positions I applied for. However, on August 17, I received my job offer as a Geek Squad Consultation Agent, and after passing the drug test, I will be starting work on August 24, 2013. I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting to get a new job so quickly, but a week and two days after I resigned from Target, I’m now a Best Buy employee.

I would definitely like to thank everyone that has supported me with my job effort. From what I was told by the person that interviewed me for the Geek Squad position, there have been people with IT-related degrees that didn’t have experience in the industry, and after working at Geek Squad for some period of time, they were able to use that experience and apply it to the IT careers they were seeking. One particular person that works at the store I’ll be working at is currently working part time at Best Buy and works full time in an IT-related position at the Regional Medical Laboratory. Hearing that gives me hope that I’ll be able to eventually take my experiences at Best Buy and apply them to my future job prospects in Information Technology.