That’s right! Destroyer X is returning to the world of Tamriel to stream the final large-scale beta of The Elder Scrolls Online. You can either check out my YouTube channel at 3:30 PM CDT, or you can watch the Live Stream here on Christopher at 3:30 PM CDT. Of course, on my Website, you… Read More »

On February 25, 2014, I received an E-Mail to take part of the beta for The Elder Scrolls Online, and I decided that I would stream it on YouTube (mostly because I have more subscribers on YouTube instead of Twitch). However, I may do a stream on Twitch later on tonight or this weekend since… Read More »

After being inspired by one of my friends, I decided to start a channel on Twitch so people can see me do some live streams of computer and video games. At the moment, I’m only streaming games from classic consoles, but in the future, I plan on doing some live streams of some computer games… Read More »